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the pocket-sized, reusable cup
one cup – three different sizes

An eco-friendly cup that adjusts to three sizes then scrunches up when you’re done. Ditch disposables: Get a Pokito!

Only 1 in 400 (0.25%) of the estimated 2.5 billion plastic coated coffee cups* used in the UK each year are recycled. 4%, approximately 500,000, are littered every day. The rest (95.75%) go into landfill. Many compostable alternatives also end up in landfill as there aren’t enough accessible facilities in the UK to compost them.
So the simple, unavoidable truth is that the only truly ethically solution is a reusable cup instead of a single use one.


The big question is what are the Coffee Industry going to do about it?

When I say the Coffee Industry I really mean your local Coffee Shop.

Espresso Concetti and a couple of the other reusable take away coffee cup distributors in South Africa along with Coffee Magazine on the “The Coffee Magazine Reusable Cup Campaign”. We are trying to encourage your local Coffee Shop to offer you a discount if you have your own reusable take away coffee cup.

In the UK, Coffee Shops offered a 25p discount to people bringing their own coffee cup to takeaway. In London the average price for a Cappuccino is around £2.50 so a +/-10% discount. In South Africa we think R2.00, or about 10% for a Cappuccino would be a reasonable discount.

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