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PERA Nespresso Capsules


Crema Bar Blend ~ 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta

A blend with bold character and strong personality. Ideal for lovers of full and rounded taste. Cup full of body and strong sensations, sweet, with lightly spiced notes. Full aftertaste with a persistent aroma of coffee and cocoa notes.

Dolce Aroma Blend ~ 60% Arabica & 40% Robusta

Blend of the best arabica and robusta coffees with a sweet taste and a rich aroma. Aromatic cup with a trace of fine acidity, hints of toasted bread, fruity and spicy notes and intense cocoa aroma. Strong cocoa aftertaste that reminds of dark chocolate.

Decaffeinato Blend ~ 50% Arabica & 50% Robusta

A balanced blend of the best arabica and robusta coffees, with very low caffeine content (<0.10%). Ideal to satisfy your desire of espresso without exceeding consumption of caffeine. Aromatic flavour cup, balanced, which preserves cream, body and taste of natural coffee. Delicate and pleasing aftertaste.

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date but will still produces a nice cup of coffee.


Crema Bar, Decaffeinato, Dolce Aroma

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